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Camp Rules and Bachelor's Regulations

The MJ Early Studies Bachelor's Regulations are a safe and thorough management of MJ students' learning habits and lives 24 hours a day.

Short-Term Camp Rules

1. Understand that we are all different person. (Being different does not mean it’s wrong) 2. Respect different cultures of others. (Indigenous eating habits and culture) 3. Abstain from using your own language. (Use English as official language) 4. Do not enter other people’s room. (If you have anything to do with, just talk in front of the room) 5. Being in a relationship is not allowed. 6. Alcohol and smoking are totally not allowed. 7. Eating snacks is only allowed in designated areas. 8. Any use of swear words any words that can humiliate others is not allowed. 9. Be punctual. 10. Obey the instructions of every teacher. 11. Usage of internet, mobile phones and watching TV is not allowed. (In case of emergency, it is allowed under the supervision of the teachers after getting permission)
Do not run inside the classroom nor swimming pool.

1. Entrance application When you apply for admission, fill out the application form and deposit it with the 1 million won deposit to the MJ Global Academy.
Since we have a limited number of people, please apply at least four weeks in advance for a smooth registration.
2. Confirmation of registration and payment of tuition. Your admission will be sent within one week of receipt of the application, and all expenses must be paid two weeks before the commencement of the class.
3. Flight Schedule Please let us know your flight schedule two to four weeks before leaving the country, so you can get a good pick-up service.
4. Extending your studies Please consult us about the extension two to four weeks before the end of the study period.
The extension fee can be deposited into the MJ Global Academy-designated account within one week of the decision to apply for extension.
5. Price fluctuation The MJ Global Academy has the right to change prices for inevitable reasons such as exchange rate hikes, tax increases, and other government actions.

Class Regulations

1. Classes and teachers On the first day, a level test will be carried out on detailed arrival and the teachers will be assigned to the new student level.
2. Adding classes If you wish to add classes beyond the basic day and hour, you can add them after consultation, and there will be additional costs.
3. Change Program If necessary, the curriculum and programs can be changed.
4. Alternative class If it is difficult for a native speaker to proceed with a class due to labor disputes or resignation, the instructor may be replaced.
5. Classroom Rules You can't basically eat in the classroom, and you can't use your cell phone.
Be well-dressed and be polite to your instructor and other students.
6. Learning Rules You cannot be late, early, or absent from school except for special matters.
You should follow the instructor's instructions, such as homework, exams, and you can notify your parents or warn them if your attendance, homework, or test performance is not satisfactory.
7. Holiday No classes are offered on holidays and national holidays designated in the Philippines, and are replaced by other activities.
8. Graduation and completion certificate A certificate of completion is issued to students who faithfully fulfill their academic course and attend at least 90%.


Rules for classes and self-study 1. Basically, it's prohibited to use a cell phone. 2. If you are absent more than 1 week/5 times of the entire class, the class will automatically close. You can resume after filling out the consent form. 3. If you are absent from the same class 1/3 times, the class will be closed for the week after next week 4. If you are absent more than 1 week/6 times of the entire class, you will automatically be expelled from the school as you do not have a doctor for the academy's completion. 5. The sick student must report his or her illness to the office before the hour and must be grounded on that day. 6. Check participation in self-study every hour during mandatory self-study hours. 7. If you do not attend a self-study once or twice a week, you will be warned. 8. If you don't attend 4 self-study sessions a week, you're grounded on Saturday. (However, except for sick leave)
Regulations for Outings and curfews 1. Weekdays (not allowed to go out), weekends (e.g., outdoor activities, etc.) 2. Violations of work week hours will be subject to fines. 100 pesos and warnings for one violation, 200 pesos for two violations, and warnings 3. 50 pesos and warnings for violations of weekend and holiday outings (If you return home after 4:00 p.m., you will be considered an unauthorized stay.) 4. Unauthorized outings or sleeping over is caught once, warning, interview and no going out for two weeks. 5. If an unauthorized outing sleeping overs are caught twice, the students will be considered not wanting to study and the parents willl be noticed and leave the school.
(In principle, however, sick leave, leave plans, and travel plans should be submitted at least two weeks in advance.)
Dormitory regulation 1. No smoking, drinking or gambling in dormitories. 2. If caught once, interview and no going out for 2 weeks. 3. If the above is caught in the second instance, notify the parents and take automatic measures to leave school.
Automatic expulsion rule 1. If you are absent from classes more than six times a week 2. In case of incidents of violence and sexual harassment among students 3. If cash and other items have been stolen, 4. In the event of severe verbal abuse and bullying, 5. In case of second round of smoking, drinking and gambling in the dormitory 6. When you were in a dormitory, 7. Violent remarks or sexual harassment against managers and teachers

REFUND Refund Policy (In any case,
the registration fee is not refundable.)

Before departure ㆍIf you wish to cancel 4 weeks before your departure date, you will be able to receive the full tuition fee except tuition (deposit) and flight cancellation fee. ㆍIf you cancel your application less than 4 weeks before your departure date, you can receive a refund of the tuition fee (deposit) and 2 weeks training fee.
After departure ㆍIf you cancel your application immediately after arrival, you will receive a refund of all fees except four weeks. ㆍRefunds will be made every four weeks after the course commences and 50% of the remaining training fee will be refunded. ㆍRefunds are made every four weeks and cannot be refunded under three weeks. ㆍIf you wish to withhold for personal reasons, you can apply for a minimum of four weeks and can take the remaining training period within one year from the date of departure. ㆍIf you want to end your training due to your illness or your immediate family's illness, you can withhold it. ㆍWhen you submit a doctor's certificate, you can take the remaining training period within one year from the date of departure. ㆍAll refunds will be processed by MJ Academy within 30 days.
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