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SAT Program

Full Care Service from SAT High Score to Final Acceptance
From background analysis by individual to preparation for studying abroad such as grades management and document preparation,
We continue to work together for a successful study life until after-Care.

  • 1:1

    Personalized admission strategy

  • Professional

    Choose the best school through profesional and customized Search

  • Schools for
    List Up

    Strategic university application discussion
    Procedure progress

  • Preparation
    English documents

    Fill up documents
    Offering guideline
    Correcting and translation progress

  • Application
    & Follow-up

    Application for admission and application after admission

Systemized SAT Speciality 1;1 Customized Management System for Students

Students who prepare for the SAT and Asian universities are closely managed.

Ongoing complete vulnerabilities analysis

- Process analyzying wrong answers one by one. - A Study on the Types of Students' Strengths and Vulnerabilities by Analyzing Wrong Answers - Customized training for student: Strengths and vulnerabilities inensive training

After Class intensive management

- After class, Q&A and tutorials- Non-SAT grades and school counseling - Review task live and feedback

Lecture Plans

Students who prepare for the SAT and Asian universities are closely managed.

Basic Class

SAT(Basic-1), SAT(Basic-2)
New SAT Math Work Book (Barron's Math Work BooK)

Problems Solving Class

Q1(#8), Q2(Actual Questions), Q3(Kaplan), Q4(Barron's), Q5(Craking)

Advances Class

Kaplan(2018), Kaplan(2019), kaplan(2020)

Lecture Progress Flow

SmartPoint Category Sub-Category
Linear Equations Linear Equations, Graphs, Word Problems
System oh Linder Equations System oh Linder Equations,
Interesting Graphs, Word Problems
Inequalities Inequalities, 1-D Graphs of Inequalities,
2-D Graphs Inequalities
Rates, Ratios, Proportions and Percentages Rates, Ratios, Proportions,
Measurement/ Units, and Percent
Scatterplots Scatterplots, Lines of Best Fit, Modeling Data
Statistic and Probability Descriptive Statistics, Probability,
Twoway Tables, Graphical Organizers
Exponents Exponents, Radicals, Raditional Expressions
Equaions, and polynomial Operaations
Functions Functions and Graphs of Functions
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