MJ Global Academy Introduction


Hello, this is MJ Global Academy

The MJ Global Academy, which started in the Philippines in 2005, with the program for students to develop self-directed learning habits, the true character and personality and the educational philosophy to teach self awareness and appreciation. As a junior professional language school, we set goals and direction of each student according to their career aptitude test and learning ability through a systematic and specialized study methods and runs a program to be immersed in self-initiated English learning.
Therefore, from the basic courses of the first study of English to the preparatory courses for the after-school classes and domestics and overseas universities (SAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and etc.), through the specialized curriculum, we are seeking success in studying abroad. We also operate customized programs, such as short-term and long-term managed language training, and “With Mom” English Camp with mother to nurture global leaders who find dreams, set a goal for learning, and practice it through cultural and human exchanges with students from different countries.

"The New 21st Century Global Junior Exchange"

After 2005, MJ Global Academy entered the Philippines as part of its exploration of the global education market. We share the English education of many juniors (ESL/SAT/TOEFL/IELTS/Self-introduction writing) and the culture of each country and serve as an exchange place for new global juniors in the 21st century.


1. The Philippines where English is used like the first language

As the Philippines is the country where English is used as the official language, there is no place where people can not communicate in English. All the Philippines regular curriculum is taught in English, and especially in Cebu are highly advanced in the educational environment and quality. Therefore, it has already been proved to be effective in a more natural English exposure environment unlike Korea, and now many foreigners are visiting the Philippines for English education not only in Korea but also in Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Russia and so on. Thus the success rate of the English learning in the Philippines is very as children are able to enjoy running around learning English without stress.

2. Top environment but low cost

With more than 8 hours of intensive immersion classes each day, you can clearly grasp the basic English skills, and through 1:1 man-to-man, classes a very effective classroom system is provided to confidently take English out of your mouth.

3. Changes Korean Entrance Examination

In line with the changed college entrance environment (the comprehensive admission system for overseas high school graduates and the expanded collection of special admission programs for language students) the school grades management and school life records management have an organic relationship with the school concerned, and we are preparing to enter Korea's leading universities.

4. Academy is responsible for Korean language and math as well as English

For math, which will be neglected while immersed in English only, we have a program to enhance math ability much more than we can prepare here with Korean math teachers and materials adapted to the Korean math curriculum. Students who have insufficient or no comprehension can not study on their own. We introduce literacy training programs to create children with greater capacity to process and remember knowledge to solute the problem that some children don’t understand unless their techers explain it and objective-type problem is solved as such, but subjective problem and narrative problem are difficult to deal with.


Percentage of student nationality participating in the camp


Intensive education in small number, limited to 50-70 students

  • 점 Korean 40%
  • 점 Chinese 40%
  • 점 Vietnam and Japan 20%

Philippine Government Officially Authorized Training Agency

  • 교육기관 S.E.C Permit
  • 교육기관2 Business Permit
  • 교육기관3 SSP(Special Study Permit)
  • 교육기관4 TESDA Certificafe
  • 교육기관5 Certificate Of Registration
  • 교육기관6 Fire Sfety Inspection Certificate
  • 교육기관7 Philippine Government Approved SSP Issue
  • 교육기관8 Cebu Association of Language Academy CALA Accreditation Academy
  • 교육기관9 Department of Education TESDA Accreditation Academy
  • 교육기관로고
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