"Whether you believe you can or can't, you will."
You can do it! MJ GLOBAL ACADEMY


MJ Managed Early Study

For the past 20 years, the MJ Global Academy has developed a "global leader" on behalf of its "parent role." Based on this experience, Develop skills to enter the university of choice and provide cusTomized learning guidance to achieve high scores.
MJ's final purpose is to cultivate global leaders who will lead the era of globalization by directly introducing and operating the curriculum of American high schools and universities.

  • 초등학생점 Elementary student 14%
  • 중학생점 Middle schooler 48%
  • 고등학생점 High school student 29%
  • 성인점 Adult 9%
University Career Guidance MJ Language School has over 20 years of experience in English education, and is responsible for not only teaching domestic university entrance exams and taking SAT tests, but also transferring to domestic universities, entering overseas universities, and transferring to prestigious universities after studying abroad. We offer various careers to students through consulting.
Daehak adaptation project In addition, we provide students with solid English essays, report writing, and presentations to improve their presentation skills.
Volunteer Program Through our Outreach Program, we are able to communicate with and serve the local people freely with improved English proficiency so that we can recognize human dignity and values ​​and develop a healthy personality.
Music, art and sports activities Orchestra activities and various musical instrument lessons. Regular music concerts are held twice a year to relieve stress from learning and school activities through music and physical education activities.

MJ Global Foreign University Admission Program

Object 1. University entrance after graduation in normal high schools 2. University entrance after qualification exam 3. Foreign University Transfer
For the above students, ESL->IELTS->EAP->SAT,AP course allows them to enter universities in the U.S.,Canada, Australia, the U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. and pre-learn some of the required liberal arts courses after college entrance.
Types 1. SAT/ACT preparation and prestigious U.S. universities entrance preparation 2. Preparing for English Specialist's Admissions to Domestic Asian University Admissions

College Consulting Process

PRE-STEP Analysis for student analysis and support strategies
(student specifications and target university group setting, road map setting)
Step 1 student-tailored consulting
(individual orientation and target university orientation)
Step 2 An in-depth analysis for the selection of schools and majors
(constructing detailed support strategies)
Step 3 Preparation of required documents and interviews by university
(in-depth English/Korean interview 1:1 coaching)
Step 4 Final check for final check of Application Status
Step 5 Final / After Care
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