"God never throws away the brave."
MJ GLOBAL ACADEMY Challenges Bravely


Enrollment Guideline

Progress order

1. Consultation with MJ Global Academy Check out the camps that are best for you, your children, or your family. You can contact us at:
Philippines Office: 070 7678 9988 Korean Office: 070 8677 7119 Tina Jo president: 010 5602 9232
Jo Eunhee Manager: 010 3629 4657 Mairia Manager: 010 2671 9232
email: mjglobalacademy@gmail.com
2. Application for studying abroad If you've chosen which camp you're going to play, you can either press here to fill out an application or click on the bottom right of this page. All information, including passport information, must be true and accurate.
3. Wait for confirmation Please wait for a confirmation email informing you that we have received your application. We will then contact you to confirm the information that you have sent us.
4. Procedure Please be informed about the training contents and the cost of the training. If you do not have a passport, please apply for your passport in advance.
Please follow the instructions and send the necessary documents.
5. Tuition Guide The process is guided via mail (written documents) and wired according to the date of admission.
6. Prepare your documents and requirements before the camp. We will provide you with information about the MJ Global Academy, necessary documents for camp registration, necessary documents for departure, visa issuance, and other documents required to enter the Philippines such as:

Passport copy
Resident registration copy (English)
School ID picture
Investigation of student tendency

Please know the rules and regulations of the Academy here and the Terms and Conditions upon applying to the Academy. Applying to MJ Global Academy means that you follow the rules stated.
7. Departure Preparation & Departure Be prepared according to the training materials and meet at the airport's pre-announced location on the day of departure.
8. Philippines Arrival and Pick-up After arriving in the Philippines, use a dedicated vehicle prepared at the airport to go to the language school.

Necessary things to bring

Passport Check expiration date is mandatory (at least 6 months as of departure date)
e-ticket English name, expiration date, departure date and return date must be confirmed
Pictures Two passport photos (for the Philippines and submitting the immigration issue id).
Debit/Credit Card(VISA Or MASTER) Preparation of cash (debit/credit) cards available overseas
Personal Allowance Local initial expenses, including personal money, are exchanged in US$100 units; additional living expenses are withdrawn using international debit cards.
Student/Traveler Insurance Encourage travel insurance or student insurance in case of emergency

Learning Materials

English Books book that I want to study personally other than the class materials
Writing materials it is cheaper in the Philippines but the quality of the paper and the quality of the pen are different.

Personal Materials

Clothes Don't bring expensive clothes for washing machines and prepare clothes that you can wear when you study.
Cosmetics Preparation of two or three long sleeves (in case of night preparation)
Slippers/sandals Sunblock cream is necessary
Swim clothes/sunglasses Affordable onsite purchase
Toileteries/Towels Required for weekend trips to nearby beaches
Hair dryer Affordable onsite purchase
International/Internet telephone Preparation with light products
Adapter Instead of buying an international phone card from Korea, it is usually used in the Philippines and can be purchased locally.
Personal cups So-called pig nose/ also available in the country
Emergency kit Personal cold medicine, digestive medicine, painkillers, nutritional supplements, and mosquitocide
Glasses/contact lenses Preparation of extra glasses and lenses

Be sure! Keep in mind

It is recommended that you do not bring as much expensive clothes as you can with you, as much as you possibly can if you're going to break them when you're washing them.
Bring something that can be normal washed or washed by hand, but is at risk of damage, so please bring it with you.

In case of receiving electronic products in Korea

The Philippines imposes strict tariffs on electronic goods. If you are forced to bring it, you should safely use FEDEX or DHL to receive it from the Philippines.
Tariffs will be reduced from 30,000 won to 100,000 won, and if you have a laptop, please take it with you when you leave the country.)
It is more convenient to withdraw money using local ATMs on an international debit card than to exchange a lot of money at once.

Did you pack the papers well? Passport, air ticket, admission certificate, two photos

Bags: Please set the baggage at 20 to 40KG (Cebu Pacific 15KG) and the carry-on bag at 7KG. The surcharge (12,000 per KG) is a little too high.

Please bring the basic information.

It's basic to know the contact information you can contact in case of emergency, such as the address

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