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Why Cebu?

Preferred city for language study in Philippines
In general, academy facilities are good and various school options vary due to their size, facilities, programs, and regulations.
Satisfied with five senses, including studying English, maritime sports, and visiting historical sites.
Adjacent Airport: 30 minutes at Cebu Airport
Average temperature: 27 degrees in January, 28 degrees in March, 28 degrees in July, 29 degrees in September.

the security of Cebu

세부의치안 <Sydney comparison table image>NUMBEO

The security of Cebu is safe. And I'm going to compare that to Sydney.
They all score high in the safety index, showing high safety.
However, Cebu's Colon Street Street is known as an area of poor security, so it's better not to go as far as possible.

Cebu medical treatment

세부의의료 <Cebu Doctors 'University Hospital picture>

This is a guide to the medical institution to ensure proper response in the event of an unexpected accident.
The following large hospitals are located 2 to 10 minutes away from the MJ Global Academy.
Cebu Doctors 'University Hospital / Cebu chong hua mandaue hospital
UC Medical Center / Mactan Doctor 's Hospital Inc.

Visa and Immigration Procedure in Cebu

You can leave the Philippines without a visa, but you have to extend your stay with a tourist visa if you stay longer than 30 days. Special Study Permit (SSP) must be issued to study without a visa or tourist visa, and ACR-I Card must be issued if you stay for more than 59 days.

Visa purpose and qualification for application

Philippine tourist visa does not have age limit or separate qualifications. You can enjoy and study with a tourist visa, but if you want to study, you must obtain a Special Study Permit (SSP) to study legally.

The visa application law

There are two ways to apply in advance in Korea and extend visa after arrival in the Philippines. If you apply in advance in Korea, you can apply for a visa that allows you to stay at the Philippine Embassy in Korea until 59 days in advance. The cost is a little cheaper, but because of the hassle, most language trainees use the language institute visa extension service after arriving in the Philippines.

Duration and cost of stay

Duration and cost of stay

Number of extension Possible residual date Duration of Stay Cost
No Visa First 30 days Less than 4 weeks Free
First Visa Extension 29 days added Less than 8 weeks Around 3000 peso
SecondVisa Extension 30 days added Less than 12 weeks Around 4000 peso
Third Visa Extension 30 days added Less than 16 weeks Around 2000 peso
4th Visa Extension 30 days added Less than 20 weeks Around 2000 peso
Fifth Visa Extension 30 days added Less than 24 weeks Around 2000 peso

Special note

If you leave the Philippines, even if you have a visa period, your visa will be initialized and you will have to apply for another extension after staying 30 days without a visa.

SSP(Special Study Permit)

Students who want to study without a visa or a tourist visa must apply regardless of their length of stay. You don't have to apply in advance in Korea, but after arriving at a language institute in the Philippines, you will be acting for a fee. You should be issued only once during the language training period, but if you leave the Philippines or stay for more than 6 months, you must pay the cost again and get permission.
In addition, each language institute has a different SSP number, so you need to get a new permission if you move to a language institute. The cost is in the middle of 6000 pesos.

ACR-I Card

This is simply the concept of a foreign registration card with an identification card that must be issued by all foreigners staying in the Philippines for more than 59 days.
Likewise, all language institutes are acting. If issued once, it will be valid for one year even if you return to the Philippines after leaving the country. The cost is in the middle of 3,000 pesos.

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