"When you acquire it over and over again every day, you never forget the knowledge you have learned."


Special Activity

Global Leadership Special Lecture

Lecture Flow
1. Take MBIT and Psychological Test
2. Lecture on the fundamental requirements of global leadership
3. Find motivations to have future goals and dreams
4. A mind-set to devote to study
Division Lecture Aim Lecture Contents (Special lecture once every Sunday)
(2 hours)
1. Goal
2. Goal Strategy
3. Time Planning
4. Practice
5. Feedback

Motivation programs for dreams and goals, roadmaps for planning, study habits, and how to implement them in these five areas,
A jounrey in search of me
My dream, my future
Enneagram MBTI(Personality type examination)
A passionate life / Future of positivity
Seven Habits of Successful Peopl
"The future changes when habits change!"
A letter of your mission / Dream of future

MJ Global Academy Outreach Program

왼쪽화살표 오른쪽화살표

MJ Global Academy has been doing volunteer work steadily for 10 years.
The MJ Global Academy is always cheering for you as an activity that can bring happiness to many needy people despite the small sharing of students.

Q: How often do you do volunteer work?

A: We do it once a month, on the last Saturday of every month, and it's our 10th year this year.

Q: Where do you usually do volunteer work?

A: We go around difficult areas once a year. Last year, I visited the waterfront village of Kamansi and worked for a year. This year, we visited the waterfront slums of the Mambaling Bazao tribe to support school supplies, groceries, and daily necessities.

Q: Is there an age limit for students participating in volunteer work?

A: Young elementary school friends are difficult to participate in and usually students in the first grade or higher of middle school participate.

Q: Why did you start volunteering for the first time, and what can children learn from it?

A: Although they are studying hard in Cebu, Philippines, separated from their parents to study English and go to a prestigious foreign university,
we can let them realizehow happy they are by doing volunteer work to poor children in the Philippines,
We think it will be a valuable opportunity to be thankful to the nation and parents.

Q: Do you have any last message you want to send to your children?

A: Sharing is not about giving the poor what you don't need.
It is about giving what youneed it too, but not urgently.
A little sharing and a little action of students is a great happiness for someone.

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