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Recent University Entrance / IELTS, SAT, TOEIC Scores

  • Student from MJ '2018-2019
    University Admissions'

    정창영 Passed International Medicine (MBBS) in Zhejiang University, China
    안은진 Sydney, Australia, Liverpool, UK
    전승걸 Passed British Ruffle University (China)
    송지은 Sungkyunkwan University and 5 other Korean universities
    류수민 Passed Lasalle College of Art, Singapore
    문성용 Passed Zhejiang University, China
    김영진 Philippines FFU Pass
    정성웅 Passed Kyoto University, Japan
  • 2019-2020 University Pathways

    오성민 Pitchburg University, USA
    신정빈 Singapore SIM University
    박지호 Philippines San Carlos University
    조성우 Japan Rich Meikan University
    신수빈 Philippines San Carlos University
    오성민 Pittsburgh State University / Iowa State University
    Binghamton University Pass
  • Entering university after graduating
    from Cebu High School

    문성용 Singapore Raschel University Scholar
    정성웅 Kyoto University, Japan
    김지환 New York State University after graduating from CIS High School
  • Student IELTS Score M

    이영원 IELTS 7.5
    김대영 IELTS 7.5
    송종훈 IELTS 7.5
    신정빈 IELTS 7.5
    김소진 IELTS 7.0
    정창영 IELTS 7.0
    오성민 IELTS 7.0
    황유정 IELTS 7.0
    송지은 IELTS 7.0
  • Student TOEIC score

    이희경 (고1) TOEIC 955 points
    나희수 (중3) TOEIC 975 points
    박지현 (중2) TOEIC 905 points
    이승헌 (고3) TOEIC 915 points
    김종규 (중3) TOEIC 735 points
    김예담 (중3) TOEIC 775 points
  • English / Chinese certification
    test results

    1 Chinese HSK Level 4 Passer 홍*표
    2 successful candidates for China HSK Level 5 문*용, 박*린
    1310 points for SAT 정창용
  • Autonomous Private High After

    2013 최학종 (논산 대건고)
    2014 구동윤 (논산 대건고)
    조하규 (거창 대성고)
    2015 김동호 (논산 대건고)
    유승일 (천안 북일고)
    윤지수 (양평 양일고)
    2016 강동구 (논산 대건고)
    김태연 (논산 대건고)
    이송현 (논산 대건고)
    윤지열 (천안 북일고)
    2017 문준이 (논산 대건고)
  • Foreign language high school
    after the entrance examination

    2013 김종규 (경남 외고)
    2014 정 윤 (과천 외고)
    김유빈 (경남 외고)
    2015 김혜인 (경남 외고)
    2017 박효정 (경남 외고)
  • University entrance examination
    after college entrance examination

    김지환 New York State University
    나희수 Yonsei University Department of Orthopedic Surgery
    부재휘 Department of Oriental Medicine, Inje University
    윤지수 Ewha Women University
    정효주 Hanyang University 4-year Scholarship
    부건휘 Seoul City University
    채서린 Seoul Konkuk University
    김혜인 Seoul Myeongji University
    김자영 University of Incheon
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