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It is more academic and professional English learning program than general ESL course. TOEFL / IELTS, unlike normal English conversation levels, are available in various fields.
Based on the academic content, the degree of difficulty is quite different. Toffle and IELTS, who are more demanding than TOEIC,
It is a program that allows students to study English with a clear goal as a step to develop their adaptability at the same time.

MJ TOEFL / IELTS course is...

As seen in the cases of students who have passed universities in the U.S., Britain, and Hong Kong, killing two birds can be caught: winning certification scores and actively utilizing them after entering universities and graduate schools. MJ's TOEFL / IELTS course, which is also preferred by local international school students, is totally different program with ones done in Korea.
This test ensures a 20 point or higher grade increase in TOEFL and 1 point or higher in IELTS based on self-simulating tests.
Conduct intensive weekly and weekend programs for at least 12 weeks and ensure successful performance improvements with specific and accurate target settings and continuous management and feedback.

TOEFL/ITELS Basic Class Composition

Class Composition 4 classes of 1:1 class + 2 classes of 1:3 class + 2 classes of online listening + 1 class of Voca Test = Maximum of 9 classse 3 classes of 1:3 class on Saturday morning (TOEFL Listening, Reading, Wrting Analysis)
Class Subjects TOEFL Reading / Listening / Speaking / Writing / Vocabulary / Grammar All subjects 1:1 class Speaking & Listening (Speaking according to situations, debate, pronunciation) 1:3 class Mock test everyday (4 subjects in a week) TOEFL/IELTS Reading, Writing actual problem solving
Class Preparation(TOFEL/IELTS) Actual IELTS Test once a month, Mock test once a week Take mock test everyday a week before the actual test
Entrance Exam MJ TOEFL/ IELTS Test (Listenting/Reading/Writing/Speaking) Student level will be decided based on his/her IELTS/TOEFL socre and consultation with the teacher.
Level Test Once a month, students and teacher consult after monthly level test and use it as feedback Weekly mock test is used

* MJ offers customized curriculums based on the student's level.

1. It suits for the students who aim for the prestigious foreign or Korean universities with IELTS/TOEFL socre. 2. It improves academic achievement in various fields after studying abroad and fosters English ability, learning and ability to adapt well to local universities.

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