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Dormitory Rules

MJ students study dormitory rules for 24 hours, safe and thorough management from MJ students' learning habits to life.

Short-Term Camp Dormitory Rules

1. Should take a shower either in the morning or evening, change clothes and underwear daily and brush teeth 3 times a day. 2. Should ask for check from the managers/teachers after eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. 3. Should sit in the classroom 5 minutes before the class time and get ready. 4. Should not lose any books (Textbooks, Diary, Planner, Word Note, Voca Book) 5. Do not be rude or say curse words during the class time. 6. Do not move around when the class begins and go to the bathroom during the break.

7. Do not listen to music during the class time. 8. Do not use teachers’ mobile phones nor laptop or computer. 9. Do not use others’ belonging and return it after using. 10. Do not enter other people’s room. Cannot still enter the other people’s room even after getting permission and have to wait outside the room. 11. Do not talk nor play during the sleeping time. 12. Put the laundry in the closet and place things in their original place. Keep the cleanliness all the time. 13. Do not run inside the dormitory.

Long-Term Camp Dormitory Rules

1. Cleaning : Cleaning is basically done every day and general cleaning is done once a week. 2. Laundry: Clothing laundry is done almost every day, and when washed, it is can cause the clothes bleached or contracted or lost(bagged contents) and we can't make up for it, so students should takie care of their clothes that are expected to be in trouble. 3. Household goods
You can bring soap, toilet paper, towels, etc. or you can buy them at the duty free shop.
4. If damage to dorm facilities or housing or lost items (key, phone, etc.), if the damange is small, it is okay, but if damage is large, additional charge will be incurred. 5. Storage of personal items
You are responsible for the storage of personal items, and we are not responsible for any loss or theft.

Dormitory Living Regulations

1. Entry and Exit Normally access and exit is done by driver's vehicle in the residential area.
In special cases, access to private institutes or dorms is not possible without an ID. When you go out, you must keep your ID with a security guard and retrieve it when you return.
2. Outings and Sleeping Out Outings are prohibited between Monday and Friday during the week. You can leave on Saturdays and Sundays after advance authorization.
Sleeping out is prohibited by default, but in special cases, such as family visits, you can stay overnight after obtaining prior permission.
3. Visit We refrain from visiting another student's room because it can damage other students' rest and privacy, theft, and personal learning.
4. Drinking Bringing alcohol into the academy and drinking alcohol in the dormitory are prohibited for any reason.
5. Being Quiet For the pleasant and quiet atmosphere of the academy, we prohibit singing aloud or other disturbances in the academy.
6. No smoking To protect the health of non-smoking students and prevent fires, smoking must be prohibited in enclosed spaces in dormitories and academy.
7. Fire prevention In order to prevent fire, use of any items that cause fire, such as burners, coffee pot, candles, or matches, is prohibited.
8. Carry out food and utensils It is prohibited to take food or utensils from restaurants or to the dormitory.
If there is a reason to be taken out, the name and signature of the person (e.g. patient meal provision) can be completed and the tableware must be returned on the same day.
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