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ESL Program

Program Details
Summer Vacation Camp For Junior(Grade 3 - Grade 10), Basic English Conversation-Class for foriegn language or international high school 4 classes of 1:1 class, 2 classes of 1:2 class, 1 class of 1:4 class Various activities on weekdays Weekend activities (Island hopping, golf, horseback riding, zipline, mission city tour, Inter - ESL Competition)
ESL Intensive Course More than 11 classes in a day / TOEFL Speaking / Speech Contest(PPT) / Reseach & Debate Program
Together with Parents(WithMom Camp) For 1 parents with 1 kid or 1 parent with 2 kids Daily English ESL 3-4 classes in a day for kindergarten - middle school students Both parents and children can study at the same time Offering English programs based on speicifc situations such as hospital, hotel, shooping and airport
Schooling Experience Experience degree accreditation American university and highschool Encourage motivation on studying abroad like US, Chance for making the student study for long term American style debate and research and presentation class using American textbooks

Daily Schedule

Division Time Content Details
Wake up&Morning Exercise 07:00~07:30 Wake up, morning eercise, shower Arrange bed, jump rope, shower
English Vocat1 07:30~08:00 English Voca Memorize voca
Breakfast 08:00~08:50 Breakfast Prepare for class after breakfast
1st Class 08:50~09:40 English1(1:1) Reading Based on the student's level
2nd Class 09:40~10:30 English2(1:1) Voca Based on the student's level
3rd Class 10:40~11:30 English3(1:1) Speaking Based on the student's level
4th Class 11:30~12:20 English4(1:1) Writing Based on the student's level
Lunch 12:20~13:20 Lunch Lunch and take a rest
 5th Class 13:20~14:10 English5(1:2) Grammar (1:2 or 1:3 Group Class)
6th Class 14:10~15:00 English6(1:3) Listening (1:2 or 1:3 Group Class)
7th Class 15:10~16:00 English7(1:3) Speech (1:2 or 1:3 Group Class)
8th Class 16:00~16:50 Activity Class Swimming Class(TTH) Knack Class(MWF)
Dinner 17:00~18:00 Dinner Dinner and take a rest
9th Class 18:00~19:00 Math Prior learning math classes
10th Class 19:00~20:30 Self-study Self-study
11th Class 20:30~21:20 English(Diary, Homework) Englsih diary, voca test, homework, planner
Sleep 21:30 Prepare for sleeping Turn off lights and sleep
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